Silky Gang | Designblok 2021 


  This year we are honored that the Silky Gang brand has been included in the curatorial selection of the prestigious design show Designblok 2021.

This time you will find our exposition called "Mysterious Forest" directly in our new private showroom.

It will be open to the general public from 10 am to 8 pm during the Designblok on October 6 - October 10, 2021.

And what can you look forward to?

The founder of the brand, Martina Karafiátová, will personally present to you the new scarf collection Budulínek by the author Kateřina Coufalová.

This illustrator will also visit our showroom, so you may meet her in person.

There will also be a complete collection of our next news, handbags SGxRLL.

Exclusively, we will present the third type of "Miss Sharpeye" bag and new leather jewelry within Designblok.

You will not only be able to try out all the brand's products on display, but also buy them straight away.

It will be possible to pay with credit cards.

During the show, there will be an exclusive 10% discount on all our products in the showroom.


open daily from 10:00 to 20:00

Thursday 7.10.from 17 30 to 20 00 - cocktail "Mysterious forest" by invitation only

Saturday 9.10. from 15 00 - "How to tie scarves and wear Silky Gang scarves"

free entry


V Jámě 1, Prague 1, 3rd floor, Silky Gang Showroom

contact +420 606376923

Watch the video at the bottom of this page for accurate navigation

Welcome to our private showroom in the center of Prague

Not far from Wenceslas Square you will find our Silk Kingdom. You will find out how to reach us in the video