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Hi, it's me. Martina SG, who is behind the entire Silky Gang project. At the beginning of every blog is to introduce yourself. I am happy married mother of two great sons, a co-owner of the architectural studio StAr, an enthusiastic lover of design, fashion, art and travel for monuments and architecture, but also a fan of good food, walking in the woods or lying in the grass. Today, however, I have the feeling that everything I have done in my life and what I have been has been concentrated in one, only point. Establishment of the Silky Gang brand. In every conversation with friends, journalists and customers, sooner or later the famous one will be heard: "Why a Silky gang? Why scarves? Why illustrators? And why fairy tales?" So that's fine.

Why the name Silky gang? I have loved silk since I was a child. The material has always fascinated me. So his name should not be missing. And I believe that those who will sooner or later learn more about scarves and other SG products will become members of our "silk gang". The enthusiasm and energy put into each line or stitch on the scarves and gloves, the quality and perfection of the designs, will be transferred to their wearers. Why scarves? My relationship to geometry follows from my profession. I love the circle the most, but it doesn't wear that well. The square is also beautifully symmetrical and its format allows you to work well with illustrations and pattern. And scarves are usually square in shape. These are universal and timeless pieces of wardrobes that will last you if they are high-quality, for many years, And unlike clothes, you don't have to deal with them when some extra pounds appear. So what about the illustration?

Illustrators are mostly from classical painters an intorvert artists. I don't know if it follows from the nature of the illustration as such. They work on a much smaller scale, with great attention to detail. That came to me as the right challenge. Start working with Czech illustrators in a much larger format than they usually create. Although I like to draw perhaps since the first time I grabbed a pencil in my hand and there were times when I wanted to do illustration professionally, but the teamwork came to me much more interesting.

Also due to the fact that the scarves will feature works by different authors, with different manuscripts and artistic concept. It is a much more diverse portfolio. Now, after two years of operation of the brand, this decision is confirmed to me as correct. The Silky Gang is gradually becoming a gallery of Czech illustration, which gives space to even those hidden talents in the illustrator's sky.

My position in this whole process can be defined as something of an artistic director of a brand. I choose motifs, authors, colors, sometimes I even design a composition or part of a pattern. I come up with concepts for our campaigns as well as the look of the website and social networks. I enjoy that wide scope and I put into it all the "know how" that I have learned during my life, everything that interests and fulfills me.

It's actually a very personal project, which is slowly but surely becoming my silky color addiction for me.

What does Martina see in those fairy tales?

When it was clear that I would focus on illustrators and that they would be scarves, the question remained, what to draw on those scarves?

One of the ways was the free work of each author. But I was looking for a concept connecting a line where everything would logically fit together. Then suddenly it was so clear! After all, illustrators mostly work with a story. Illustration is what gives each book another dimension and depth. So, it will be scarf stories. And why not fairy tales? They are so timeless, for children and adults, because the wisdom in them will appeal to everyone. And it is not necessary to be so descriptive in the scarf illustration.

So we create scarf patterns with each author, which have many layers and hidden meanings. And I want to share with you in this blog the process behind it, how everything is created, how we create the whole Silky Gang puzzle.

I'm really looking forward to sharing everything with you.

Believe me, it will be a very interesting journey, on which not only I will guide you, but I will invite you and interesting personalities who are associated with this colorful story.


Yours, Martina SG

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