Silky Gang Gloves Czech tradition of the glove craft in connection with the finest Italian lambskin

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Silky Gang Gloves

they are a logical continuation of creating unique and original accessories that combine the best craft and art traditions and the highest quality materials. You will recognize our original designs by the contrastingly colored fourchette between the little finger and the ring finger, as well as the metal SG logo on each glove. We carefully chose the color of the gloves to match our scarf collections perfectly. You can choose between two patterns.

Classic long gloves have a lining of 100% English silk. The delicate hem and fourchette form the color contrast. We recommend wearing these gloves creased slightly on the forearm. 

Fingerless gloves are more rebellious and will spice up even the simplest outfit. We designed them for all-day wearing. 

We shape our gloves according to the so-called "French knives", this means that they are narrower, have longer fingers, and fit better on the hands than classic cuts.

Did you not find your glove size?

Would you like fingerless gloves in the men's version?

Write to us and we will tailor the gloves just for you!

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How to dress, take off and care for SG gloves

Short linerless gloves

take off the gloves by turning them on the wrist to the back and pulling them off the hand with a gentle pull.

    Long gloves with silk lining

gently wrap the gloves to the wrist lightly release your fingertips gently pull it out of the hand.


Do not wash gloves or dry in direct sunlight or at heat sources. Use special preparations for fine skin for cleaning or entrust the gloves to the care of experts. Dry the gloves loosely laid out. Use our original velvet bag to store SG gloves.

With proper care, you will enjoy our gloves for a long time.

When worn, they also get a delicate and original patina.