I am "a daydreamer"

zakladatelka značky silky gang

I am a "daydreamer"

I love Stories. Particularly those with happy endings.

I like arts and especially illustrations.

I am a fan of Czech fashion.

I am fascinated by silk.

Conjunction of all these interests gave birth to ‚Silky Gang‘ brand.

Why Silky?

Because sometimes, life is as soft as silk.

And why Gang?

Because it can often be quite rough.

Just like in fairy tales, myths and stories.

Their heroes always have to overcome many difficulties before they get their ‚all’s well that ends well, and they lived happily ever after‘.

And so, allow me to present you with limited collections of our silk scarves. I asked illustrators whose work I enjoy, picked from classical Czech fairy tales those stories that seemed interesting to me, created a colour scale for our scarves that not only look good, but go well with any skin type and observed the birth of new, original illustration.

Creation of every motive took almost eight weeks. We designed them so even when folded, part of a pattern is always visible. You can choose two kinds of materials. Luxurious silk twill, thanks to its fine knurl, allows the scarf to keep its shape better and to not slip so much. Size Tinkerbell 43x43 cm is ideal for wearing around your neck, on your hand or as a handkerchief for mans’ shirt’s pocket, going well with partner’s dress. Silky Golem has a typical size of 90x90 cm. It is a perfect accesory to your outfit, applicable in almost infinite number of ways.

For modern nomads, we offer size Giant 130x130 cm, made from cotton voile with 30 % silk addition. It is ideal for both winter and summer. On vacation, it may serve you as a pareo, a dress, a skirt, a top, a turban or as plaid around your shoulders.

Your ‚very own SG scarf‘ has its home in handmade boxes, manufactured in a small factory near Prague. I created this original packaing so it not only allows your scarf to ‚breathe‘, but so you can see what is stored inside. The scarves get their print and are finished in factory in northern England. I love that they have a selection of amazing kinds of silk and cotton (and more), but that they can transfer all the illustrations onto the scarves of the highest quality.

Included with each scarf is a small book with specific collection’s story. Sizes Golem and Tinkerbell also come with a unique certificate number, since each motive in those sizes was created in a limited number.

A last but not least, a small bonus: a pearl button. I made this handy ‚gizmo‘ to get rid of big knots. Now you can tie your scarves in more creative ways, arrange it and place on your outfit better.

I would be delighted to hear from you how you like our scarves. I am working on new stories already and I am interested which you like the most. Send me a word how comfortable SG scarves are to wear, don’t be shy to include your photos of how you tie them.

I’m happy to welcome you all in my ‚silky gang‘.

Even you can become a part of a story while wearing scarves from Silky Gang collection.

Yours, Martina SG Karafiátová


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