there lived parents with their seven sons. One day, their mother was baking them bread. But they all just screamed and annoyed her. They kept begging her for the bread, until she couldn’t take it anymore. „I wish you all turned into ravens!“ she shouted. At once, all seven boys grew feathers and wings and flew away. When their mother realized what happened, she began wailing and moaning, but it was too late. In time, mother and father overcame their sadness and were blessed with child once again. A daughter was born, they named her Bohdanka. Girl kept growing like a weed. There was a chest in their room, which Bohdanka was forbidden to open. She was very curious, until one day, she couldn’t help herself and she peeked inside. She saw seven men’s shirts. She asked her parents who they belonged to and they confessed what had happened so many years ago. Bohdanka decided to go and look for her brothers. She journeyed for a long time, yet found no traces of her siblings. Finally, the Sun itself offered her help. When she found her brothers, they were beaming with happiness. They were glad that they found each other. Brothers were glad to hear some news from home. Bohdanka wished to break the curse over them very much. Ravens told her that she has to tailor linen shirt for each of them. She has to process the linen herself and not speak a word the whole time. Brothers brought her to a cave, so she could work on shirts at peace. One day, a king rode around in a royal carriage and he saw Bohdanka. He fell in love with her, took her to his castle and enabled her to continue her work there. All his subjects loved Bohdanka, except for king’s sister.

Some time has passed. There was a war and king had to go and fight. Meanwhile, Bohdanka gave birth to a son, but king’s evil sister stole him, threw him out a window and placed a kitten in the crib instead. She accussed Bohdanka of witchcraft and sentenced her to death. When they were taking her to her execution, she was just finishing the last shirt. She called for her brothers at the last moment. They flew to her, Bohdanka threw the shirts on them and all seven ravens turned back into humans. Only the last one kept a wing, since she didn’t finish one sleeve in time.

When the king returned from battle, Bohdanka explained everything to him. King punished his evil sister accordingly. Brothers returned back home to their parents and Bohdanka lived with the king happily ever after in their castle.


Based on a fairy tale by Božena Němcová



"I studied graphic design at high school in Ostrava and animation at UTB in Zlín. I finished my bachelor degree by producing a short movie spring, by colouring crayons and I finished my master studies by producing a fairy tale movie ‚About Kovlad‘. On top of animation I make illustrations and comics. I like to try and combine classical and digital drawings, in recent times I started preferring drawing on paper with watercolours or coloured ink. But to create the design of ‚Seven ravens‘, I chose to utilize only digital drawing, because it works better in print and it is also easier to edit during development. The design of ‚About Smolíček Pacholíček‘ scarf went through similar process. During my free time, I enjoy riding my bike across mountains, reading anything I get my hands on, riding a train or staring out a window. Several of my comics were published in Aarrgh! Magazine (issues no. 15, 16, 17, 18). The ‚Silky gang‘ project is definitely interesting, I can’t wait to see the scarves by other artists."


"For me, Katka is someone who got ‚a gift from the Heaven above‘, someone who gets better and better with constant work. Excellent artist, her sketches of people and animals are by themselves perfect. She reminds me of my favorite artist, Cyril Bouda, in certain aspects. Maybe it’s that clear, light, yet solid line. Working with her on ‚Seven ravens‘ design was full of surprises. I was swept away by sophisticated details and patterns, as she was gradually sending me more and more interphases of her draft. Hers is one of those where you keep discovering the scale of its perfection more every time you look at it. That’s why it’s better to wear it more spreaded on your clothing, to highlight it more. Colourwise, we chose a combination of dark blue – the ravens‘ feathers, white – boys‘ shirts and red – a symbol of sisterly, motherly and partners‘ love. We purposely decided to avoid use of grey and black colours, since we wanted to emphasize positive mood of this powerful story. Kateřina also worked on the design of ‚About Smolíček Pacholíček‘ for Silky gang collection."


Author’s design is printed either on 100 % silk twill with rolled edges (Colossus 90x90 cm and Tinkerbell 43x43 cm) or on the voile made of 30 % silk and 70 % fine cotton (Giant 130x130 cm). The scarves are packaged in handmade boxes. Also included are certificates with fairy tales and an original string with a pearl button. It is used for tying scarves and arranging them as part of an outfit. 100 % silk scarves have a unique serial number in their certificates. They are produced in limited series - only 100 pieces of Colossus and 200 pieces of Tinkerbells.

© Silky gang Prague All rigts reserved

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