there were a king and a queen who wished to have a baby. One day, the queen met an old woman in the garden. "I know your sorrow, my queen," said grandma. "I will help you, but you must promise to invite me to the baptism."

The queen cheered and promised the old lady that she would make her baby’s godmother, only if she truly helps her. “In the forest, you will find a stream. It is magical. Pour yourself a cup of water and drink it to the bottom, three times.“ The queen did as grandmother told her. And in less than a year, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Her cheeks were all pink, so they gave her the name Rose. Many guests were invited to the baptism, they only forgot to invite the old lady. Just when they baptized Rose, the grandmother appeared in the doorway and said with an icy tone: “For forgetting to invite the Fate, I have cursed this whole kingdom. When Rose reaches fifteen years of age, she will prick her finger and fall asleep! Everyone around her will fall asleep and the whole kingdom will be overgrown by briar roses . Only a man of a pure heart full of love can free you!“ The king and queen were terrified of the cruel prophecy and had all the sharp objects removed from the castle. The years went on and princess celebrated her fifteenth birthday. Her parents were preparing her birthday party. Rose was meanwhile bored. And so she wandered around the castle, until she reached a door leading into the old tower. When she climbed up the stairs, she found a chamber with an old woman, sitting at the spinning wheel. "What are you doing here, grandma?" the princess wondered. "Spinning wool, young lady," she answered. Rose wished to look at the spinning wheel closer, but as soon as she touched thespindle, she stabbed her finger and fell asleep with the whole kingdom. The cruel prophecy was fulfilled. Everything around the castle was overgrown by briar roses with sharp thorns. One hundred years has passed, until one day a Prince from a far land rode through the country on his white horse. An old man told him a story about the Sleeping Beauty, hidden in a castle overgrown with wild roses. Prince decided to free the beautiful princess.

Since he was pure of heart, bushes of roses spread out in front of him and he reached the old tower where Rose slept. He woke her from a hundred years of sleep with a kiss, and the whole kingdom was brought back to life. There was a grand wedding and Prince with Rose lived happily ever after.

Based on a fairy tale by Brothers Grimm



"I spent my childhood years in Prostějov, but I moved into Uherské Hradiště, Brno and Zlín during my student years. After studying graphic design and techniques, I turned to animated movies and illustration. I am currently working as both an animator and illustrator in Prague studio Krutart. I utilize the rest of my creative powers on lovely projects such as Silky gang. My greatest joy in life is music, colours, small houses and immediacy of children's drawings. I like looking for the right visual language to suit every assignment. I felt that the ornamental renaissance tapestry naturally suited Beauty’s scarf the best, stylized in a more modern manner."


"‚Silky smooth cooperation.‘ That’s how I would simply describe working with Veronika on motive for The Sleeping Beauty scarf. First two drafts were a bit too complex, but Veronika eventually managed to focus it into a simpler design. My vision of a fairy tale was that of a giant bush of roses, hiding the castle and the sleeping princess themselves, therefore enabling everyone to imagine what exactly lies behind it, and Veronika was able to realize it perfectly.

Plus, we immediately agreed on the colour palette, so in the end we had to work out just a few details."


Author’s design is printed either on 100 % silk twill with rolled edges (Colossus 90x90 cm and Tinkerbell 43x43 cm) or on the voile made of 30 % silk and 70 % fine cotton (Giant 130x130 cm). The scarves are packaged in handmade boxes. Also included are certificates with fairy tales and an original string with a pearl button. It is used for tying scarves and arranging them as part of an outfit. 100 % silk scarves have a unique serial number in their certificates. They are produced in limited series - only 100 pieces of Colossus and 200 pieces of Tinkerbells.

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