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How did our Secret Garden grow?

The love of colors, silk and stories is what create the DNA of the Silky Gang brand.

And what path led to our Secret Garden?

We wanted to create a magical place where our original world full of flowers, animals and fantastic characters will grow and develop, living their own lives in our unique designs.

Peony beds were the first in our Silky Gang garden. Butterflies came to them, especially those with blue wings, dancing over their splayed flowers.

Watercolor illustration by one of our court illustrators Kateřina Coufalová proved to be a great choice for this collection.

But there was a long and arduous journey to tie our scarves around your neck.

It took 10 weeks from the first sketches and the search for the right composition, the tuning of the right color palette to the final patterns that we sent to Italy for the first control prints.

Kateřina drew dozens of flowers and butterflies in watercolors in a 1: 1 scale, which were then fine-tuned by drawing details with colored crayons. Then it was time to compose the patterns on a computer and create the final versions.

Here is a space for a few questions directly to the author of the illustrations in the Secret Garden collection

Examples of several original sketches of the collection

Here is a space for a few questions directly to the author of the illustrations in the Secret Garden collection.

Why do you like watercolor so much?

I started creating my first illustrations with watercolor, it's a technique that I keep coming back to. I like its different colors and properties, for example, how it behaves differently on different types of paper. At the same time, it looks very impressive even after a few strokes. I can create very stylized but also scientific illustrations with it.

What did you enjoy most about creating a new collection?

What pleased me most was that I was able to work with natural motifs. Especially with such beautiful flowers as peonies. All three scarves are conceived differently and it was very fun to handle one theme in different styles. I think that managed to capture peonies from different angles.

What was the most challenging?

Definitely the creation of the peonies themselves. It really took a lot of time and work to capture the depth of the flower, the partial transparency of the individual petals and, overall, to correctly record the texture of the petals. All the individual elements of the design also needed to be sufficiently elaborate and detailed to stand out on such a large format.

You probably don't know that there was originally only one scarf in this collection. But there were so many beautiful elements in the finale that in our collection Mysterious Garden - Peonies and Butterflies, three patterns finally appear.

We are also introdusing new scarf sizes for the firtst time. The giant peonies on a beige backround look great with the size 100x100 cm. For lovers of smaller scarves, there is another new size of 70x70 cm, which is suitable not only for tying to a shirt or tighter around the neck, but also to the hair.

In addition to unique designs, this collection is complemented by original poem written exclusively for Silky gang brand by Jakub Chodil.

The Czech Miss Klára Vavrušková became the face of our campaign, the resulting images are the work of photographer Lucie Vysloužilová. the care we gave to this collection also be seen in the fact you fell in love with it immediately after its launch.

We are really pleased about that and we are already thinking about what will surprise you next time in our Secret Garden.

Yours Martina SG

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