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It happened one night

The Silky Gang brand is not just beautiful scarf designs and luxury leather accessories. Among those who are closely connected with us, there are a number of talents that we would like to gradually introduce to you. Let's start with Lucie van Koten. She is the face of our brand for the second year. It's a collaboration we value very much, because Lucie symbolizes one of the women of the Silky Gang - beautiful, cultured, but at the same time funny, which is no stranger to exaggeration and self-irony. Personally, like Martina SG, I am glad that Lucie and I understand each other very well, because it is very important for me that Lucie clearly understands the DNA of our brand and can take it to the next level with her presentation. Before I give space to Lucia, maybe a few words about who Lucie van Koten is. She has been running her successful blog for several years Život podle Lucie, she also works as a fashion model, but much of her time is spent on journalism and the written word in general (her articles can be found, for example, in Marrianne magazine). I'm glad I can introduce her next skill now. She wrote her first article exclusively for the SG blog, and I hope not the last. Enjoy reading and write how you liked it. Yours, Martina SG

Lucie van Koten

Fatal Attraction: Silk Scarves! "That fateful night, no one noticed anything suspicious. At the scene, random witnesses saw a figure in black, most likely an average tall man of slender and perhaps middle-aged, running away, so nothing specific for the police to catch. Anyone who however, he found himself nearby at an incriminating time - a young poodle man walking, a pensioner with a dachshund, a waiter returning from a night shift with a young lady from the bar - they mention perhaps only one remarkable detail. A lady standing under a street lamp, less than two hundred meters from the crime scene, also all in black, with a small but distinctive handkerchief in deep purple with fiery orange elements tied around her neck. A young man with a poodle made a resemblance to a firebird, the pensioner was talking about a dark purple color, while the waiter noticed in particular where the person with the scarf, which the police were intensively searching for, was headed. "

I thought for a long time that the scarf needed courage. The truth is that you need to have style for the scarf. A distinctive scarf has one fundamental feature: it emphasizes and completes what dresses us. We know the situation: even the wishfully tied scarf, which we so often admire in French women, acts as a magnet for our attention. Unconsciously, we run our eyes over the entire outfit, on which our eye would not otherwise rest, and we remember the most distinctive elements of it.

As you can see from the first paragraph, I've never been too fabulous. As a small child, my mother read me Erben's Bouquet for a good night, especially in Polednice and Vodník. I get to know a number of fairy tales only now thanks to Silky Gang scarves, which attracted me at the first touch: silk in its highest and most beautiful form. Originally, it was mainly the material and beautiful colors that attracted me to the scarves. As soon as I met Martina, the founder of the brand, I fell under their spell quite a bit. Now I know that wearing a scarf does not require courage, but style, playfulness and joy from each new combination.

Why wear a silk scarf in summer?

- Silk is very airy, breathable and pleasantly cool - It looks incredibly chic in combination with a straw hat or a wicker picnic bag - Protects against direct sunlight and cold summer nights - It can be tied to the beach as a top or wrapped instead of a skirt or swimsuit tunic - It stays fresh for a long time. It will last you a long summer party! - It will elevate every evening outfit. - It's easy to remember!

Very easy to remember, random witnesses agreed on that fateful night. Want to see the "protagonist" of the whole story? You can find the fireworks collection HERE.

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