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Bon Voyage Mr. Fantomas

From the design of our signature Silky Gang scarves to the point where the customer wraps it around their neck is always a long journey. Each new collection means up to half a year of work and testing. That is why, in the case of custom-made patterns, we are very picky about who and with whom we will create a new pattern. On the one hand, we have to enjoy the brand for which we design, but we also have to personally "sit down" with the client. If we don't have 100% freedom in creation and the last word on how the whole design will look, we prefer not to start working together at all. We do not create an advertising item, but illustrate the story of the brand as we see it. And they gave us 100% of that creative freedom at DS Automobiles. One of the reasons why we also nodded to the cooperation was the fact that the DS Automobiles brand continues the famous tradition of the iconic DS 19 car, which was driven by the equally famous Fantomas. And, you surely understand, this is a detail that cannot be neglected.

And how did we come up with the whole pattern in the end?

The concept of the scarf pattern is based on the essence of the French brand DS Automobiles, which is the art of travel. The motif shows a travel case with stickers representing experiences such as a stay on the Cote d'Azur coast, the world of Formula E, parties in Cannes, walks in Paris. There is also the iconic DS 19 car of designer Flaminio Bertoni. The surface of the case is decorated with small pyramids referring to the guilloche technique used in the interiors of DS Automobiles cars. The stylized DS logo on the tires in the middle of the illustration creates a pattern resembling a tire print. The blue colors used symbolize freedom and freedom, while the red color symbolizes passion and adventure. In our opinion, the DS Automobiles brand hides all this in order to create unique and original travel experiences. The scarf pattern is printed on luxurious organic silk twill. The hand-rolled edges of the scarf are a symbol of perfect processing down to the last detail, as you are used to from the Silky gang.

The authors of the scarf pattern are Martina Karafiátová, founder of the Silky Gang brand, and illustrator Dominika Režová. Her artistic style perfectly fit into the overall concept of the design. Simple forms, clean lines and an artistic shorthand correspond to the strength and spirit of the DS Automobiles brand. There were many designs of individual "postcards" on the scarf before we worked on the final result. Sometimes what seems clean and simple takes the most work. As part of the creation of this collection, we also created a packaging, a scarf box. A bit of French openness is hidden here as well. From above, there is a box in a decent blue color. But the bottom will surprise you with its cheerful red shade.

We were given the same freedom as when inventing a scarf pattern when working on a photo campaign. We wanted a slightly different concept that would put the traveler in the mood, but also focus on the perfect and luxurious detail that Silky Gang and DS Automobiles have in common. We are glad that the brand lent us a red car with white leather covers, which matched beautifully not only the scarf, but also the entire styling of blogger and influencer Lucie van Koten. You already know her as the long-time face of the Silky Gang brand. Photographer Robert Tichý made excellent use of the attractive backdrops of the legendary Expo ´58 pavilion in Prague's Letná. The deliberate concept that Martina Karafiátová, the founder of the Silky Gang brand came up with, to show only the luxurious details of the DS car in combination with a silk scarf and thus create the impression of a perfect travel experience, turned out to be excellent. So enjoy the resulting photos.